IOSRD International Journal of Materials Engineering

Topics Covered: Amalgam (chemistry), Atomic packing factor, Bio-based material, Biomaterial, Bioplastic, Carbon nanotube, Ceramic forming techniques, Ceramic engineering, Colloidal crystal, Composite material, Crystallography, Electron crystallography, Electron diffraction, Energetically modified cement, Forensic engineering, Materials Science Journals, List of publications in materials science, Liquid crystal, List of emerging material science technologies, List of publications in physics – Materials physics, List of Russian material scientists, List of scientific journals – Materials science, Comparison of software for molecular mechanics modeling, List of software for nanostructures modeling, List of surface analysis methods, Thermal analysis methods, Materials science in science fiction, Metallurgy, Mineralogy, Molecular design software, Molecular modelling, Nanomaterials, Nanotechnology, Neutron crystallography, Neutron diffraction, Polymer engineering, Quenching, Stereochemistry, Single crystal, Sintering, Sol-gel, Solid-state chemistry, Supramolecular chemistry, Timeline of materials technology, Transparency and translucency, Tribology, X-ray crystallography or diffraction.