International Journal of Geomatics

Topics Covered: Geodesy ,Geodynamics ,Global positioning system (GPS) or global navigation satellite system (GNSS) ,Surveying (including land, cadastral, aerial, mining and engineering surveying) ,Hydrography ,Navigation ,Location-based services ,Cartography and digital mapping ,Geographic information systems (GIS), spatial database management and geographic information technology (GeoIT) ,Spatial analysis, spatial data mining and knowledge discovery, and spatial statistics ,Computer-aided design (CAD) and scientific visualization ,Geovisualization, Geovisual Analytics, Visual communication design, graphic design and multimedia technology ,Remote sensing ,Image processing ,Photogrammetry ,Computer vision ,Land information systems (LIS) ,Land management, cadastre, real property law ,Applications programming ,Project management ,Geoinformatics ,Land Surveying ,LIDAR ,Digital terrain modelling ,RICS.