IOSRD International Journal of Anthropology

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Vol 1 No 1 (2016)
Published March 19, 2016
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Topics Covered:  Anthropologists‎ ,Anthropophagy, Anthrozoology, Anthropology awards, Biological anthropology, Anthropological categories of peoples, Christian anthropology, Cultural anthropology, Cultural history, Customs involving siblings, Decades in anthropology‎, Diaspora studies, Economic anthropology, Economic botany, Ethnobiology, Ethnography , Ethnolinguistics, Ethnology, Anthropology documentary films‎ , Forensic facial reconstruction‎, Guanche mummies‎ , Human geography, Kinship and descent, Linguistics‎ ,Anthropological linguistics, Anthropology literature, Matriarchy‎, Medical anthropology, Anthropology museums, Anthropology organizations‎, Paleoanthropology, Patriarchy‎, Personal life, Philosophical anthropology‎, Psychological anthropology, Sexual orientation and science,  Social anthropology, Anthropology timelines, Visual anthropology, Anthropology writers‎, Wikipedia books on anthropology, Anthropology stubsn