International Journal of Urban Planning

Topics Covered: Urban planning organisations‎ ,Planned municipal developments‎ ,Privately owned public spaces‎ ,Public housing,Radburn design housing estates,Redevelopment‎ , Regional parks‎ ,Regions of Augustan Rome,Urban studies and planning schools,Shanty towns,Slums‎ ,Streetcar suburbs,Streets‎ ,Sustainable urban planning‎ ,Urban studies and planning terminology,Town squares,Transit-oriented developments,Transportation planning,Urban agriculture,Urban animals‎ ,Urban decay,Urban design‎ ,Urban development‎ ,Urban economics‎ ,Urban forestry‎ ,Urban planners‎ ,Urban planning museums‎ ,Urban public parks‎ ,Urban renewal‎ ,Urban sociologists‎ ,Urban sprawl‎ ,Urban theorists,,Environmental planning‎ ,Urban geographers‎ ,Ghost towns‎ ,Urban historians‎ ,Historic preservation, History of urban planning,Hydrology and urban planning